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There are two objectives:

  1. Decrease your pain or stop the pain by:
    1. Using best practice treatment models
    2. Relationship-centered care model
  2. Improve your Quality of life and Performance with:
    1. Specialised equipment to restore function
    2. B-E-St; Balance, Eye Movement and Sensorimotor Rehab
Primary Spine CareB-E-St: Increasing performance

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What to Expect

Wondering what to expect on your first visit? Usually, this will take up to 1 hour there is paperwork to do too.

  1.  We Listen: full history
  2. We Examine: a pertinent physical
  3. We Treat: focused Chiropractic care
  4. We Educate: give you related advice and exercises


Why Primary Spine Care?

Treatment of Spine Related Pain needs to change. Our Medical Doctors are overloaded an aging population is linked to increased suffering from Spine-Related Pain. Spine-Related Pain resulting in rising socioeconomic burden occurring at home, work, social, interaction with family, spouse these aspects all claim a toll on you. Analgesic prescriptions are becoming a less desired option for you the Patient. Research indicates that Exercise and Spinal manipulation are effective interventions with good outcomes and low risk. There is a solution!

Chiropractic Evidence Summary

A compass is to guide you, there will always be obstacles and they may change your course, however, a Compass will help you reset a new course. Although this is an analogy it is accurate, as your care will always be dynamic and changing. Click the TITLE for a more in-depth explanation.

Creating the Patient/Practitioner Relationship

Research is the tool that creates the link between you, me and your outcomes. Research leads to continually evaluating what is the best approach for you as the patient. It opens discussion and leads to well-judged decisions between the patient and practitioner. Constantly questioning methods and opinions becomes a strength in practice and service. 

Start Leading your team

Dealing with your back, neck or headaches works the best when you are involved in choices affecting you. Relationship-centered healthcare is known to produce the most effective outcomes.
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