From Treating the Symptom to finding the Cause?

Is pain the problem or just the final step on the path when we have back and neck pain?

This isn’t a chicken and egg problem because the sensory information comes first.

Motor control from the brain is responsible for posture, stability, and movement. But how do you get motor control? First, you need sensory information from your vision, balance, motion segments, and muscles of the spine via muscle spindles to provide information about where the body is starting from and how you are moving.
Think of a funnel, a lot of sensory information flows in, and accurate movement is the response.
Breakdown in motor control occurs with injury, accidents, falls, sports injuries, concussions, etc. The change to sensory information causes smudging of the cortex and results in more noise and errors in movement actions. It is the loss of motor control that adds load to joints, discs muscles as the brain attempt to limit movement and stabilise the painful area.
Rehabilitation concepts are changing, looking at the changes to the sensory input systems to improve motor control is being viewed as the best option for long-term outcomes. It is difficult to change something you are not aware of. The movement of the spine, eyes, and balance are subconsciously controlled. You need to measure changes in these systems to create effective change.

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David Wellington – I graduated from New Zealand College of Chiropractic and recently completed a Musculoskeletal Management Diploma from Christchurch College of Orthopedics (Otago University). My interests as I get older I am focusing falls prevention, and as I look back its to help younger patients who are having trouble reading, learning and achieving academically.