Why did I fall?

 This is a frightening scene for those who are at risk of a fall. I can appreciate that some older patients must dread this idea, the sons and daughters of older parents living alone must also have this concern too.

The question is “why did I fall?” Usually, it will be a breakdown in the control systems of stability. The Eyes, Vestibular and Proprioception particularly the spine.

The eyes primary role is to inform you where you are in your immediate environment i.e your bedroom, lounge, grocery store, crossing the street, walking in a shopping mall, driving your car. Your vestibular system tells you how your head is moving relative to your body such as turning to look or falling sideways, backward or forward and also relative to gravity, leaning forward or sideways as an example. Proprioception can be thought of as stretching of muscle, tendons, and skin to let the brain know how your arms or legs, trunk or your head on your shoulders. When these systems cannot give you an accurate picture of your world and how you are moving in your world you become much more at risk of falling unexpectedly.

Helping improve these systems along with improving your spine’s range of motion, and this can be done without aggressive manipulation, you can strengthen the relationships between these systems making them more robust and capable.

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