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I grew up on a farm near Otorohanga. By 10yrs I had suffered two significant mild traumatic brain injuries. I was introduced to Chiropractic by my mother as a result of hurting my lower back at the age of 17.  I had a pretty average rugby career knocked out 3 times, broken nose 2 times, 1 spontaneous dislocation and relocation of my left hip, several other concussions and stopped playing on the advice of Ear-Nose and Throat specialist at 21 years old. Every game prior was a daze and a consequent headache. Then at 25 I was diagnosed with Cancer, and successful Chemotherapy treatment, I now live with Neuropathic foot pain and Osteoarthritis of my left hip, so I’ve learned to make pain my friend.

I traveled the world on my OE, returned to NZ at 32 years old and studied  Chiropractic, now here is where the fun starts. I discovered I also have dyslexia (explains a lot). Learning in an academic setting was tiresome, frustrating and a struggle, eventually graduating. Then I commenced a  Postgraduate study via Otago Medical school and completing a PgDip of Musculoskeletal Management, repeating the struggle. This gave me a very mechanistic localised model pain based model, great awareness of how others look at the same issue, but began to drive the curiosity of, why?

Now, WHY drives my interest as a practitioner? Firstly, it is about your History, second, what would work? Third is how it works, and then what are outcomes?

 why do i practice brain-based rehab? 

WHY? Because the brain can change versus other tissue. There is no evidence that any intervention alters the rate of tissue repair. A bruise is 3 weeks, tear a tendon 18 months, rupture a ligament up to 2 1/2 years it doesnt matter if you rub, roll, needle, stitch, tape, rock tape, harness, brace, heat, ice, Ultrasound, Laser, Tens, gross unskilled rehab exercises ….. NOTHING alters the rate of tissue repair. Any improvement that occurs is most likely nonspecific analgesic (away from the pain) changes to posture and movement.

Why brain-based rehab?  Because the brain is plastic, its designed to change, adapt, improve function. With injury, inactivity, pain, impairment, the brain can become weaker, less able. Chiropractic along with other musculoskeletal therapy must continually evolve and adapt to new research from fields of Neurobiology, Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, Evidence-based care models, Chiropractic Research.

So how can you possibly measure brain function? Balance and Eye movements are well researched with normative data to compare against. SensorimoTor is about establishing precise accurate control of limb and spinal movements.  Measuring, rehabilitating and enhancing the function of these brain-based systems requires accurate precise equipment that’s why I use.   http://vestibtech.com/        http://www.c3logix.com/        https://www.interactivemetronome.com/   https://www.righteye.com/


AND its FUN and ANYONE can DO IT  even Bob below 🙂



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